Hot fun in the summer time

Tuesday Jamie and i took the girls to 2 Dollar Tuesday at the Ridge. We had so much fun! The girls laughed and played and played some more! I was missing my brother so I decided to be "incognito" like him. It wasn't near as funny as he was but it still made Jamie laugh. The first few pics are of last year - I thought I had a picture of him being incognito with goggles on - but I can't find them, so these will have to do!

We miss you brother! Come home soon - and come home safe!

Be very very quiet...I'm hunting wabbits.

Splish Splash!

Girl Time
The sweetest girl in the whole wide world

The sweetest girl and her cousin decided to attach aunt JJ - and some little boy who wandered by thought it looked like fun - and joined in!

Well , I better get going! Check back soon!

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Little lou said...

Man that looks like so much fun. I can't believe I still have not gone.