Jamie's Here!

She made it! At 2:00 this morning. Everyone here is just starting to wake up, and Kaitlyn is SO excited. At first she was more excited to see Denali and Kody (the dogs). She wasn't making the connection at first that if the dogs were here, and "jj" was here too. About five minutes ago she got it! She says, (after playing with Akasha for about 30 minutes) "HEY - Where's Aunt JJ?" So was so excited to see her sleeping! My sister is tired, and her butt hurts but she made it without many complications. She did run in to a thunder storm (poor dogs) in Kansas but missed any tornadoes! WHEW!

We finished up a long two weeks of spring cleaning last night about 10:00. And, that didn't include the downstairs. We were so exhausted that we just didn't care that our carpet looks spotty brown instead of white! (OK, it's not that bad - but you get the idea). Mike did an amazing job on the dog run, it looks so nice; and honestly our upstairs has never been this clean (big pat on the back to me)!

Today is our 4 year Anniversary! Let's see we have been together for 7 but married for 4. I can remember the day like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful day, everyone was happy, I looked beautiful, Mike was the handsomest (is that a word?) he has ever been and we had a great time with our friends and family. It seems like longer than four years - K, I know that doesn't sound good. What I mean is that so much has happened in four years, that I can't believe we fit it all in!

House, Marriage, Baby, Business ups and downs, Heath ups and downs, the good and the bad and many many more events that I'm sure were monumental at the time. I love my Husband and my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Do you know what I get for 4 years of marriage (per Hallmark's traditional wedding gift guide)? Fruit or Flowers. ??? So, I got mike a watermelon! Ha ha! Just kidding he doesn't even like watermelon! I think we are going to make fajitas and hang out at home!

Well, I'm going to sign off for now - to enjoy my day with my Sister and my niece's and nephew!


Little lou said...

Congratulations on the 4 years of marriage. I'm so glad that your sister is there. I know how excited you were to have her come. I hope we still hang a lot. Enjoy your day and get all nice and rested for my return. lol. I need some help with my spring cleaning.

The Brush Family said...

make me cry. my goodness. what a sweet wife you are and a blessed life you have. i'm glad you are having a fun anniversary. we just celebrated 5 year last week! K's party was fun. sorry we missed you. hope K feels ok today!!

Christy said...

Hey ladies!
Thank you! Sarah C you must have gotten too much salt water air or something to think I am going to help you clean. Wait - what I meant to say was "sure, I'll be RIGHT over..... " ha ha ha ha!
I missed you and we will get together soon! (As soon as I'm sure everyone is healthy).

Sarah B - Sorry for missing K's party - When you called she did have a fever but I thought it was just from playing outside. She had 103-104 from Wed's and 1230 am to Friday when I took her to the Dr. I thought it was going to be the ROTO virus (or equivalent) but no throw up and no poops. The Dr said she wasnt sure what it was - a virus of some sort - no strep. Now, she has a rash all over the trunk of her body so I think it's roseola - She had that once before after a really high fever. Im going to give it a day then call the Dr again. Anyway - I didnt want to "spread the love" so to speak - even tho I really wanted to be there! :-(
Rain check?