This kid cracks me up!

We bought Kaitlyn a barbie jeep at a yard sale over the weekend and she absolutely loves it! $20.00! What a deal!

It was a trick getting her in it at first (it moved and scared her), but now she doesn't want to get out! Mike is talking about jerry rigging the radio to play our iPod so she can have some tunes! I'm sure Kaitlyn will love it, driving around to "hollaback girl"! ( I know, it's sick... but we openly admit that we are unhealthy.) Here are a few pics and a video of the cuteness that is "Kaitlyn".
Today I came home from work and this is what Kaitlyn was wearing. Mike announced (as to clear himself of all wrong doing) "SHE DRESSED HERSELF"!
She tells me "look Mommy, I got dressed all by myself, I'm like a princess just like you!"

Now at first glance you might not notice that her shirt is inside out. At second glance you might not notice that her pants are on backwards! I let her stay like that because she was SO proud of herself - and you just can't mess with that!
Mother's day was nice. My husband got me a food processor! It SO rocks! I have wanted one for years! I already used it to make hummus! YUM! I got to eat pancakes for breakfast and steaks and grilled potatoes for dinner with my Mom! The weather was awesome and I was happy to be a "mommy"!
That's all for now! Check back soon!


Monique said...

So did you find yourself outside chasing her down the street shouting out driving directions and wondering HOW IN THE WORLD you found yourself chasing after your baby shouting out driving directions???? "Drive on the right!" "Stop BEFORE you get to the stop sign!" "Step on the pedal....step on the brake! NOW!!!!"

She looks totally adorable....life takes a serious turn for the better when these little guys can dress themselves. (Although I should add that Zoe and I have the same conversation about MATCHING every dang day!) I let Riley wear his pants backwards to pre-school for about 3 straight weeks....he finally got it!

Captain Cool and The Mates said...

When you make your hummus let me know I love hummus!!!!!!!!!! Anyway when is Kaitlyn going to pick Jane up for a ride? As we speak Jane is saying "more Kaitlyn, more Kaitlyn"