Working Out and fun stuff

Mike has been working out for some time now - religiously! I am very proud of him! However, He keeps asking me if he is losing weight - like every day. I now know what Rachelle went through as a kid! LOL. For those of you that don't know, he would ask her every time he worked out if his muscles were getting bigger and she would always reply "no!" even if they were. Seriously, he is losing weight and I am really admiring his drive and commitment. So, I have started working out too! Man - my thighs are killing me! I'm telling you it is SO HARD to start working out when you've stopped. When I got pregnant with Kaitlyn I just decided that I would "get" to be fat! LOL. Well, I did! Mission accomplished!

On a side note, the workout craze has trickled down to Kaitlyn! It's a little dark, but still cute!

The other day, Kylie came over to play with Kaitlyn. This is what they did! Kaitlyn loves when she comes over to play! Don't they look so cute in their pink tutu's?

That's all for today! Gotta go make dinner!


Captain Cool and The Mates said...

I love it! The girls look like that were having a blast. Looks like we missed out on a fun day. It's amazing how much influence we have on our children. Kaitlyn working out is the perfect example of that.

Monique said...

Hey Christy! It's *your* stalker neighbor here! Sarah has us ALL blogging........! LOL Brian has been in psycho-man workout mode, too, lately - like 5 AM psycho-workout-mode! What cute, cute, cute pictures of the kiddos...I love the bubbles and the tu-tu's! I hope you don't mind my stalking you! ;)


Monique said...

HAPPY Mothers Day Christy! Enjoy and don't do laundry or anything stupid like that!


The Brush Family said...

So I'm up and running. There's no stopping me now with the blogging (ha). Love the pics and all the great times we've had. We will miss M.R.C so much. I'll do a real sappy moving post where I officially tell you guys how much I love you guys, so stay tuned.