Can I be done now?

Happy Memorial Day!
Since my last post, I have been quite the cleaning bee. I have cleaned out three closets plus our linen closet, cleaned the spare bedroom, cleaned the carpets in the spare bedroom and the massage room, cleaned the massage room, cleaned the stove, washed pillows, blankets and sheets all the while finding time to interact with Kaitlyn and keep my husband fed. Mike has not been lying around either - I think he got the short straw! He "gutted" our dog run and is putting in pea gravel one wheel barrow at a time. He and his friend Rayme have also decided to move the "gate that leads to nowhere" to the front of the dog run. Quite the undertaking for a three day weekend. Today my plan is to finish the upstairs carpets and clean the bathroom. Mike still has quite a bit of work to do. He plans to finish the pea gravel and get the fence done!

Kaitlyn has been such a good girl during all of this. She has kept herself intertained and has been happy doing so! She is wearing her big girl panties most of the time now and is doing amazing! Here are some pics of the work and of Kaitlyn having fun in her new pool!

Gutted Dog Run & A Work in progress

The happy workers & The gravel!

Well, I better get my fanny in gear! Hopefully my next post will show you our completed dog run!
Happy Memorial day, and thanks to all the Vet's and Troops for their bravery and selflessness.

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