So I wanted to write down a few things that I am certain to forget in a week.

As you all know Kaitlyn is a thumb sucker. Its only when she's tired, hungry or scared. The other day, she was sucking her thumb and I asked her "Angel, are you hungry?" "no - I not" "are you sleepy?" "no - I NOT!" So I say "OK, then why are you sucking your thumb? You must be sleepy". So she goes in the living room and starts watching TV. About two minutes later she comes in all happy and announces "I TOOK MY THUMB OUT!"
Now, you might be wondering why I didn't want to forget that - well it's because she finally made a connection. She knows that I will most likely put her to bed if she is sucking her thumb! So - she made sure I knew that she was no longer sucking her thumb, in fact, "she took her thumb out". I laughed out loud!

Today as I was changing her she was telling me about the leap pad book she was "reading". She was telling me all about the song in it, it goes (and I quote):
"Marny had a little lamp, little lamp, LITTLE LAMP, marny had a little lamp, and fleas are we go!" She smiled and was so proud that she learned that song all by herself. She was especially cranky today and in turn I was a little cranky today - because she wasn't sleepy - after all she took her thumb out and she "bees a good gruel"; However when she sang that song it just made me laugh and hug her!

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