Catching up & Potty training

I thought I would take some time this morning to catch you up on the manzzy household. It is a beautiful morning here, and I am enjoying the peace and quite. Kaitlyn is still sleeping! (It's 10:00!) Mike is still sleeping! Kaitlyn did get up bright and early at 600, but I promptly told her it was not time to get up yet! So she crawled in bed with me and I put a show on for her. She must have fallen back asleep at around 700 - :-) Mike went out with a friend last night so I am sure he is enjoying his rare sleep in! As soon as Kaitlyn is up, she usually goes downstairs and "ax daddy for my hot choc-it". And he does it - so it's his own fault! That girl has him wrapped around her little finger! Don't tell anyone but I am wrapped too!

We bought Kaitlyn a potty quite a while ago - so that she would be familiar with it. She loves it and it has become quite handy in getting things down from places she shouldn't be touching! I began having her sit on the potty about 3 months ago - without a diaper. For the last few months after every bath she would sit on the potty while I got her clothes ready. My goal wasn't that she go - but get used to sitting long enough to go! However, the first time I did it - she went! And almost every time after that! Now, I couldn't get her to go any other time than after a bath. So, I started getting potty videos and books from the library. I stumbled on "Potty Time". It has a girl and a boy panda that go potty on the big kid potty. She loves it! A few days ago I came home from work and she was wearing her "big girl panties". And proudly announced that she pooped! Uggh. She was so upset that I had to take them off because they were dirty! Yesterday when I came home she was in her big girl panties again. Mike told her to tell me what she did. "I went potty on the big girl potty!" "All by myself!" All day yesterday she went to the potty by herself! She did have one accident because she was upstairs and her potty was downstairs - time was not on her side. But she still got most of it the potty! Now - I'm sure you're reading this thinking "I just spent that last five minutes of my life reading about pee and poop." But - this is a BIG DEAL in the mommy and daddy world! I am so proud and sad all at the same time! My baby is growing up! I bought her big girl panties about a month ago, and when I brought them home and washed them I cried. Mike thought I was insane! I yelled at him "MY BABY IS GOING TO WEAR PANTIES SOON - THAT'S SAD!" He walked away and left me alone. Yesterday - he was looking at her running around the house with panties on with tear in his eye and said "I can't believe she is wearing panties". :-p I knew he would "get it" soon enough!
Well, I better get on with my day!


Little lou said...

I'm glad you were enjoying your morning with some blogging action. I'm so excited for you that you will soon be done buying diapers. Poop in the underwear is my worse nightmare but I'm counting on it happening a few times. It sounds like you need to have another baby if you are so sad your current one is growing up. If you not so convinced I do have two you can borrow at anytime.

The Brush Family said...

potty training and big girl panties. you go Kaitlyn. i'm with sarah it's time for babe #2 so you don't have to mourn the loss of poopy diapers and buying diapers. you know mike wants to!

Monique said...

Did somebody say baby??? ;) (You know, this is how rumors get started!) I don't really think it'll take long to stop missing diapers........! (And buying them!)

Christy said...

It's a good thing I don't give in to peer pressure or -thanks to my WONDERFUL neighbors - I would have the brady bunch by now! :-)

I'm sure I know at LEAST two people with little one's that I can steal anytime that "baby urge" kicks in.